The Session Topics

Plenary Session Topic:

“Our Role in Creating a Gender Equal World”

- Multiple speakers shall be giving various perspectives upon the topic in hopes of inspiring the audience, sparking an important conversation that needs to begin now and lay the foundation for a gender equal world.  

Sub-Plenary Session Topic:

“breaking through the glass ceiling”

-This session brings light on how people are challenging and breaking prevalent gender stereotypes at the workplace or society in general, whether it be landmark achievements or regular day to day interactions. By building this momentum we can surely reach the point where really, irrespective of gender, the sky is the limit. 

3. The power of no

- Girls often find themselves in vulnerable positions whether it comes to something as common as sexting or grave as rape. Sometimes the situation may be beyond our control, like for instance, in the case of being taken advantage of when intoxicated. However it is vital that we are able to protect ourselves and learn the power of saying NO

2. Girl love

- For generations girls have always felt threatened by other girls in terms of looks, intellect, relationships, success etc. There’s a constant burden of that jealousy. Just imagine if we could remove that by instead building each other up and seeing each other as companions and not competitors. At the end of the day if girls won’t be there for each other, who will? Let’s try something new, starting with a compliment instead of critique. Let’s build this strong movement of sisterhood.

Parallel Session Topics:

1. Redefining stereotypes

- There are so many stereotypes about girls and boys these days. “Slut vs. Player”, “Aggressive vs. Confident”, “Bossy vs. Powerful”. The use of discriminating idioms is extremely common amongst adults as well as the youth, it is time to change that and break the cycle of gender stereotyping. After all, we came into the world the same way. Why can’t we live the same way?